Digital Art and NFTs

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Skygolpe is one of the leading artists in the field of digital art, and in the NFT space. Skygolpe’s emblematic and faceless portraits are the result of a unique fusion between layers of physical painting combined with digital elements.

His work emerges from the intersection of the digital landscape, conceptually intertwining virtual elements with material derived from installations and painting, to create with his practice a continuous, unified and indissoluble research. This synthesis offers deep insights into the ramifications of technology on society, opening new ways to interpret, use, and contemplate art through blockchain technology.

In recent years, his prominent presence in the art market has reached a considerable volume of sales that extends up to millions of euros, positioning him among the top 100 digital artists globally. In 2022, he presented his revolutionary project “Paint on Pixel” through an auction at the acclaimed Christie’s auction house, which involved the creation of the first NFT certificate for a physical work.

Skygolpe’s work has graced the halls of numerous prestigious galleries and institutions worldwide, including, Palazzo Giustinian (Venice, IT), Art Dubai, (Dubai, AE), Christie’s NY, Art Basel Miami, Museo della Permanente (Milan, IT), Valuart (Lugano, CH), Galerie Widmer (Zurich, CH), and Nighttimestory (US).


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