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Beauty of marble

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Nazareno Biondo

Nazareno Biondo is a prominent figure in the contemporary art scene, renowned for his polyhedral works that explore the inherent beauty of marble. With a profound vision, his sculptures convey a silent message that prompts introspection and analysis of both oneself and the modern world.

Biondo’s artistic journey commenced at the esteemed Albertina Academy of Fine Arts in Turin, where he discovered his fascination with marble. From there, he embarked on a career in sculpture, pushing the boundaries of this medium by integrating light and sound. His artistic prowess has earned him international recognition, with numerous awards and accolades from competitions around the world. Notably, his works have been exhibited across Ankara, Bangkok, Lugano, Miami, and most recently, New York City.

Within his creative laboratory, Biondo breathes life into everyday objects, relentlessly seeking formal perfection and conceptual reinterpretation. Employing minimal tools and deliberately eschewing sophisticated technologies, he meticulously crafts each piece by hand. Employing a blend of irony and drama, his works often verge on hyperrealism, intricately reproducing detailed objects, fragments, and elements of contemporary life that symbolize our society.

Throughout his artistic career, Biondo has forged a deep connection with the four elements of nature: Air, Fire, Earth, and Water. Inspired by this affinity, he embarks on a journey to explore the interconnectedness of art, nature, and the human subconscious, delving into the realm of Land Art. Since 2006, Nazareno Biondo has found solace in expressing his thoughts within blocks of marble, witnessing them come to life and sharing them with individuals who possess the kindness and intellectual finesse to appreciate, value, discuss, and critique his work.

In the exchange of thoughts lies the profound purpose of humanity’s existence. The impetus for introspection and analysis of oneself and the contemporary world that surrounds us resides within the Sculptor’s works, akin to silent messages. Through captivating performances in historically significant settings worldwide, his works emerge from the confines of societal norms, engaging in a poignant reflection of everyday life.

Currently, Biondo is immersed in a project featuring a series of concealed sculptures located in specific geographic points across the globe. One such sculpture is strategically positioned at a cardinal point in Turin, where it completes a final remnant, an ingot, extracted from his monumental work, a marble sculpted FIAT 500 titled “Old Lady.” These hidden sculptures shall never be lost, as each will be associated with their digitally authenticated versions. An NFT (non-fungible token) representing a 3D model of each artwork will include precise geographic coordinates, marking the location where Biondo chooses to “archive” the physical piece for collectors to find.

This ambitious project will endure as a timeless message, a snapshot serving as a testament to our society for future civilizations to decipher and appreciate.

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